Proven Ways To Get Him Back After You Pushed Him Away

As you view the ruins of a relationship that you think is over for good, you wonder what you did to push him away. This might cause you to try to talk to your ex boyfriend and find out the problem. That seems to make sense because you can’t solve a problem without knowing the cause. But the truth is, by contacting him you will be pushing him away instead of pulling him back.

You might ask the question “how can I make my ex boyfriend want me back unless we have communications?” You would be right about that, there must be communications, but if he broke up with you your ex boyfriend has to be the first to make contact. As long as he sees you are desperate to get him back, your ex will keep pulling away from you.

To pull your ex boyfriend back instead of pushing him away, you have to make him think you no longer want him. This is all simple psychology because it is human nature to want what you can’t have and you take for granted what is always around. This is what is happening to your relationship. To make your ex want you back, you have to make yourself scarce.

The less you let your man see you or know about what you are doing will make him curious. As long as you keep him wondering about you, the more you will be on his mind. Not knowing about what you are doing can cause all sorts of things to enter his mind. The main thing will be that you might have found another man. When he begins to think this way, you are pulling him back.

By staying away from him and going on with your life, you can make your ex boyfriend feel you have deserted him. You will be actually pulling him back by pushing him away. The more you can make him feel you are rejecting him, the more he will desire you. Isn’t that what happened to you when your ex broke up with you?

But to make any of this happen you will have to call on all of your strength and determination. Once you begin to ignore your ex boyfriend, you have to keep it up. If you weaken and try to contact him, he will know what you are up to in a minute and begin pulling away again. If this sounds like you are playing a game, you would be right. You are playing a game of psychology, but it is a very serious game because you will never get your ex boyfriend back until he feels he cannot live without you.

You have to hold out, no matter how hard it may be. Just keep a positive attitude and think of every day as a day closer to having him back in your arms. By using these proven steps to pull him back instead of pushing him away you can make your ex boyfriend want you back.