11 Clear Signs that You Are Still Not Over Your Ex

1. Social media stalking

Signs You Love Your Ex

Are you constantly checking on your ex’s Facebook page for an update? Do you look through all his pictures to make sure he is not seeing another person?

Do you stalk every single one of his social media sites just waiting to see what he has to say? If this sounds like you, you are clearly not over your ex.

2. What do your friends say?

Your friends may know you better than you do. Your friends are the only ones who see who you truly are and they will know if you are over your ex or not. Are you constantly bringing up your ex in conversations that he does not belong in?

Are you constantly mentioning his name to see what your friends have to say? If your friends are telling you that you are not over your ex, they are most likely right.

3. Pictures

Most couples go through the phase of wanting to take pictures together constantly. I mean, obviously you want to show him off to your Facebook friends so you post pictures of you and your sexy man.

Once you break-up those pictures might need to be deleted. If you are keeping pictures of your ex on your Facebook page or any social media site, you might not be over him.

4. Are you sleeping with him?

Trust me, this happens more than you may think. When people break-up, someone will typically propose the idea of staying friends. In most cases, this is the worst proposal ever!

It is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to be friends with someone you have romantic feelings for and if you do dare to walk this path, you will probably find yourself sleeping together. Obviously, if this is occurring in your life, you are not over your ex.

5. Presents

Ladies love to receive presents from a boyfriend. It is completely normal. If you are keeping the presents that your ex bought you when you were dating in plain sight at all times, you are not over him.

When you look at those presents you will automatically be reminded of him, which may not help you in your journey of moving on. Put the presents away if at all possible.

6. The dreaded relationship status

Changing your relationship status can be one of the hardest things for some ladies after a break-up.

Laura H shared her story with me and she said – “It took me 45 minutes of staring and plenty of tears to finally change my relationship status on Facebook back to single. Clearly, I was not over my ex and you are not either if you’re experiencing the same thing.”

7. You cry when something reminds you of him

Of course, it is normal for the coffee shop that you met in or the restaurant that you shared your first kiss in reminds you of your ex, but if every song you hear and every place you go reminds you of your ex, you are clearly not over him.

8. You play dress up

This is especially common for women. You may only be going to the grocery store to pick up some eggs and cheese but you wear your cutest outfit along with super high heels and bright red lip gloss in the hopes that you might see your ex. Obviously this will become humorous in the future when your ex is completely out of your mind.

9. You find out where he will be and when

If you have been stalking his social media sites and have come across a post saying “At the beach in the Holiday Inn…” and you feel the urge to go find him, you are not over him.

Theresa has done this as well. One day she saw a Facebook post stating that her ex was going shopping with his brother. She leaped out of her seat, put her cutest clothes on and went to the mall because that’s the only place she thought he would shop. She never found him so use that as a reminder that you will probably only be wasting gas and time.

10. You still text your ex regularly

If you and your ex are texting regularly, you’re probably not over each other.  Sometimes it’s hard to get over someone when you’re still in contact.

11. You watch all of your ex’s favorite shows

Did your ex love Wheel of Fortune and Grey’s Anatomy and now you have to watch every episode (even though before you rarely did)?  This is a clear sign you miss your ex and might not be over him or her.

Getting over your ex can be extremely hard. After a break-up, you need time to heal and move on. If you have participated in any of these actions, you will know that your ex is still a big part of your thought life and you are not allowing yourself to move on.

Source: loveblab.com


Top 10 Break-up Mistakes You Are Making

You’re distraught, upset and heart-broken, so it’s understandable you’ll find yourself willing to do pretty much anything to get your ex back”. The ten mistakes below are extremely common, and will almost completely kill your chances of getting your ex back. Undoubtedly you’ve either seen friends make these mistakes or maybe YOU made them in the past.

If you want to succeed in getting your ex back, avoid the following ten behaviors as if your life depends on it. Your life doesn’t depend on it, but your relationship does. If you manage to avoid the mistakes, you’re chances of mending your broken relationship are pretty damn good.


1. Panic Contact – This is what happens when you let your distress and shock get the best of you. You don’t know what to do. All you want is to change things back to how they were, rewind time, and fix the problem immediately. So you do the only thing you can think of and try to contact your ex hoping you can reason him or her back into dating you. And the more you panic, the more you end up instigating damaging contact. All your begging, crying, and screaming serves only to convince your ex that he or she made the right decision.

2. Laying on the Guilt – Once things start looking final and your begging doesn’t seem to be working, it’s natural to want to guilt your ex into staying with you – a bad idea.
Once you start saying things like, “If you really loved me, you wouldn’t do this,” “I’ve given you so much and this is how you repay me,” and “I knew this would happen, you never were good at relationships,” you’re sending yourself down a dangerous path. This may seem like a valid tactic, but it’s really just a form of manipulation that will send your ex in the opposite direction you want them to go.

3. Settling for Friendship – You’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Your ex most likely loves you as a person, so when you agree to be “just friends,” it’s an excellent resolution for him or her. He or she gets to keep you in his life without dating you. Unfortunately, by demoting yourself to the role of friend, you end up setting yourself up to get hurt. Instead, you need to set boundaries. Seek out the support of other friends.

Don’t trick yourself into believing that remaining friends is the only way you can keep your ex in your life. You have to let go completely, especially if you want the chance of getting back together in the future. Remember, if you stay friends, you’ll have to be a “good friend” and support your ex when he or she starts dating someone else. Sound painful?

4. Sleeping with Your Ex – So you shouldn’t revise your relationship to not include sex (being friends), but you also shouldn’t reduce your relationship to just sex. Sleeping with your ex is “fun” for you ex, and a big “I hope” for you. But that hope is unlikely to ever pan out.

5. Resorting to Drugs or Alcohol – It may seem like there’s no alternative, but drowning your sorrows in this manner makes you unappealing to your ex and is dangerous to yourself. And when you finally come out of it, you’ll feel bad.

6. Spiralling into Obsession – It’s understandable, you’re hurt. So giving voice to your woes and discussing your ex is okay… to a point. If you’re talking about your ex constantly to anyone who will listen, you’re apt to drive away friends and family members in addition to driving away your ex. It isn’t healthy to obsess. Give your mourning the time it deserves then think happier thoughts.

7. Harassing Your Ex’s Friends – You shouldn’t be in contact with your ex at all in the early stages of your break up. That INCLUDES being in contact with his or her friends. Sometimes this might suck, but for your sake, it’s the best thing to do.

8. Spying, Stalking, and Anything Creepy – Let the characters in movies do all the spying. You need to focus on yourself and not on what your ex is doing. There is nothing you can do about it. You’re only going to rile yourself up.

9. Gifting Your Ex – You can’t buy your ex back with cute, thoughtful, or expensive gifts. Even if you could, he or she wouldn’t be interested in you… just in what you could give.

10. Badmouthing Your Ex – No matter how much you want to drag your ex’s name through the mud for hurting you, 99% of the time it will come back to haunt you. Be adult about your break up, and save your angry comments for behind closed doors.

These are the things NOT to do. But then what are the things you should be doing?

I reveal dozens of surprisingly simple secrets in my courses ExBackIn30DaysBlueprint. By using just one tip, you’ll increase your chances at getting back together if your situation seems hopeless.